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Litecoin goes Down after reaching $375 USD – How LTC will high again in 2018?


Litecoin (LTC): Are you thinking more about the price down of Litecoin? It might be take off again to sky asap. In 19th December, it was at US$375.29 with the market cap of US$19.52 billion. But, now the value of this coin is US$242.93 which does not happen immediately, it fell gradually down later it reaches every peak high. Because of the many new arrivals in recent months, the new investors also getting more to all currencies.

We need to agree that the Bitcoin is the leader and maybe the original crypto. But, now it has more competitors with the same and different ideas. Litecoin also one in the line, at present, it is fifth in the Cryptocurrency market. In 2017, LTC also gets high which gained more when to compare with the Bitcoin.

It was available to the public from April 2013, but it was created in 2011. Yes, two years after launching Bitcoin. LTC was launched by the former Google engineer Charlie Lee. He focused on a decentralized “blockchain” network like Bitcoin.

In the Litecoin, there is no central controlling organisation and miners work to verify transactions, in return for a reward and transaction fees. Around 2 million Litecoin addresses are there. At this time, it started decreasing low in terms of value. The maximum of the projects is focusing on the same basket and solving issues on some top cryptocurrency’s perceived faults. We need to wait for a while to know about the further actions on Litecoin.

Ripple reaches all-time high: How to Buy Ripple in USA, UK, UAE & Other Countries

The top cryptocurrency prices at 6:00 a.m. EST (Dec. 29)

  • Bitcoin: $14,445.70, +0.57%
  • Ripple: $1.87 , +40.60%
  • Ethereum: $737.66, +3.47%
  • Bitcoin Cash: $2,408.87, -7.01%
  • Litecoin: $240.71, -3.98%

Cryptocurrency Market Overview (Today)

Growing high in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization included RaiBlocks (up 48.23%), Ripple (up 40.60%), Stratis (up 24.20%), Byteball Bytes (up 26.69%), Komodo (up 19.13%), Stellar (up 20.29%), and Cardano (up 17.74%).

The worst performers in the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization included Bitcoin Cash (down -7.07%), Nxt (down -42.010%), Bitcoin Gold (down -4.76%), Litecoin (down -3.98%), Ethereum Classic (down -4.27%), and Monero (down -2.30%).

Ripple reaches all-time high

From the third position, it jumps to second today on 29th December 2017. At present, the market cap of this coin is US$70 billion. This is the first time that XRP touches its $1.82 USD. All it happens after the Ripple associate with the South Korean and Japanese financial institutions in this week.

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