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Starmount takes seventh place over Salem


BOONVILLE — The Lady Rams finished off the Cook’s Tournament by taking a 65-57 win over Salem Baptist Christian on Friday night. The win put Starmount in seventh place in the Holiday Tournament.

Salem Baptist had an 11-7 lead over Starmount at the end of the first, but the second quarter things took a turn. Salem put up several points to take a 17-10 lead, but Starmount made its comeback with less than three minutes to play. Chloe Ford was back on the court for the Lady Rams and she put up shot after shot as she put Starmount back in the game. Ford put up three two-point shots to make the score 17-16.

Taylor Wood was fouled and made her free throw which tied the game 17-17. From there, both teams went into the see-saw battle as momentum changed hands as quick as the seconds ticked by. Salem put up a three-pointer, then Ford put up a three-pointer for a 20-20 game. Ford kept putting up shots as she put up another three baskets in a row to tie the game 26-26 at the end of the second quarter.

In the final two quarters the game had a back and forth momentum until Starmount was able to take the lead and hang on to it. The Lady Rams put up a 65-57 win to take seventh place in the tournament.

Starmount stats:

Ford – 26 points and 12 rebounds

Martin – 10 points and 3 rebounds

Manns – 8 points and 8 rebounds

Wood – 5 points and 7 rebounds

Freed – 5 points and 2 rebounds

Pozo – 2 points and 1 rebound

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